Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Hidden Life of Prayer

Image result for A Life of Hidden Prayer David McIntyre

Hi I have been looking at what God is calling me to do next in my life and although I live a busy active life I keep getting brought back to this idea of Prayer as a central focus for my life and Hidden Prayer as a theme. So I am going to pursue that idea as if a Prayer course was already developed out there for me and I just have to find out what way to go and how.
My first book beside scripture would be St Theresa of Liseuax  Story of a Soul but as I am writing for a broad range of folks and for my friends in both Anglican and Pentecostal churches etc. I am looking for something we can do as a group. So today I found a gold mine it is a spiritual classic I have not read and my new project . The link is found online

It is a free study course on Hidden Prayer by David McIntrye and written in 1913...but the language is beautiful and it draws you in. So check out a A Life of Hidden Prayer with me .
You will find you can get the book or in PDF. I am excited to see what it holds

When I figure out how to offer the books on line I might just do that but at the moment this is a totally non monetary thing and I am just trying to walk the walk with friends.