Monday, September 14, 2015

The Story of St. Helena

St. Helena Feast Day of the Holy Cross

St Helena and the Holy Cross

Image result for St Helena of the holy cross September 14th is the day the Church whether that is Large Catholic or Anglican selects to remember St. Helena's pilgrimage to Jerusalem to retrieve a variety of sacred relics one of them she believed to be the original cross of Christ. Now if you think this is some lost piece of relic bit of it can still be found in the Vatican along with the original lance that pierce the side of Christ . Folks before Social Media took relics quite seriously and even if Helena was a bit eager and perhaps vulnerable and a prime target for relic rustlers the fact is that the Cross is a symbol that still holds our attention and is worthy of our respect. Today I called some friends who have started a new lay religious order in Canada for both married and single women called Daughters of the Holy Cross. Now this order comes out of the States but the first one in Canada is right here in Lower Mainland BC. So a solute to all the Daughters of the Holy Cross who like St. Helena hold their crosses in high regard .