Monday, February 24, 2014

Alabaster Box

Marginalized women outside the acceptable contact worthy framework of the church is a frequent theme in New Testament revolutionary or Liberatory Jesus up close and personal. He spoke to woman who the then church had labelled sinners and unclean, he touched people who were untouchable due to illness and disabilities.He welcomed these women into his immediate circles of fellowship. The Alabaster Box is one story of this contact so well portrayed here in this moving song by Ce Ce Winans the Alabaster Box. I found this while preparing for a reading and performance of a piece of poetry I wrote called the Bent Over Woman which has been taken to women's conferences and now dramatized. I can hardly wait to meet the woman that plays the Bent Over Woman and once again here Cathy do her Rise Up Woman which interlocks with it. While waiting I found this other encounter of a woman in one of my favorite stories the Alabaster Box .


Cathy AJ Hardy - Ina - I am she...a soul's journey home

This is a piece on Cathy's second album I am she ..a soul's journey home that takes you wonderfully transcendent space. Listen for the soft reverberation of a prayer bowl, the high voices of choirs in ancient abbey's, the sparkle of sunlight through trees, the song of streams and the gentle whisper of the wind in tall pines. Listen to the gentle voice of God calling us to find our way Home .Catch Cathy at the Writers and Readers festival on March 1st in Mission , check out her website at The not to be missed though is the gathering of local Taize groups at Westminister Abbey on May 31st at 8pm after Vespers and Compline.