Sunday, November 4, 2012

Thinking about Gratefulness

I had a blog on gratefulness for a while and it disappeared into blog land . However I have not lost my interest in the power of gratefulness and picked up an article today that has some good tips on this very important spiritual discipline. The article was in Vibrant Life and had 21 tips to Nurture Your Spiritual Life.
 I liked the following

Be a river not a swamp- let things flow through your life,,its not just about accumulation
Identify blessings- each day of the week at the end of the day think about a source of blessing that came that day through a family member, or next day  a friend, a colleague, a neighbour, a child and enemy
Speak words of Blessing
Keep your Priorities straight
Use it don't lose it ,,share your unique gift.

That's just a few but they had a great husband found it a the local Silver Hills bakery outlet. Great healthy food place. By the way if you have never eaten Squirrely Silver Hills bread you have missed something. Its that sprouted grains kind and once you go that route it is really hard to go back to the blah stuff we used to call bread. No not working for them ...just like their goods.  Grateful today for a warm house and hydro, food and work while so many people are still recovering from Hurricane Sandy.