Sunday, August 5, 2012

Oh Sacred Heart of Jesus

Oh Sacred Heart of Jesus

Oh here within your Sacred Heart
I hide
Incarnate Word of God
My soul has found a resting place
Hidden, Holy, Silent
Sheltered here with you alone
In this secret place
Like a bird in the cleft of a rock
I rest here from the storm
Your love for me is my comfort
My stronghold in the night
I rest here within your wounds
You have exchanged for mine
I give you pain
You give me joy
Oh Sacred Heart of Jesus
I come to you alone
For in your alone is healing
Your heart my one true home
Oh Sacred Heart of Jesus
I rest in you alone
Oh Sacred Heart of Jesus
Your heart is my true home.

Feast of the Sacred Heart ...Conversi retreat ,,,New Melleray Abbey . June 2012 

Vigils at New Melleray Abbey


Is there joy like this
On earth
Can I be so swept away
That only sitting in this silence matters
Can silence be alive
Here in the flicker of a tabernacle light
Rough stones to remind me of
1500 years of prayer
Vigils done before the birds awake
Psalms ringing out from
Cloistered darkness
Is there joy like this
That in this moment with Christ
I desire nothing , ever
But to be here and
Nowhere else
No other thought but joy
 Is there joy like this on earth?

Lorna Tatomir Vigils New Melleray Abbey  Conversi retreat June 2012