Monday, July 30, 2012

Visitng a Trappist Monastery

Monasteries are often referred to in past tense. People think of them as large buildings with chanting ,celibate monks that existed during the medieval era and are relics of the past. Maybe the occasional Buddhist one is some part of the earth but not really relevant for the current age. Think about the current age..It is hectic, hurried , full of wars, noise, news we do not want to hear and very little peace. What we all want it a little peace. Some quiet corner to curl up in, breathe deep and listen to the silence. That is what a Trappist monastery offers and that is why after a busy noisy year in a High School I retreated with great joy for a few too short days to New Melleray Abbey in the heart of the American MidWest...Iowa. Farm country. Although lacking the soaring mountains and ocean vistas of the Pacific North West the New Melleray countryside holds its own with gently rolling farmland and a wonderful hospitable stay in the comfortable guest quarters of their 150 year old Abbey. Their sanctuary has won architectural awards for its simple sweeping lines, and its seven sessions of daily prayers