Thursday, January 26, 2012

Change for many of us is not always either comfortable or desired when it is in big things like being laid off a job or demands which pressure us to change in some way. Lately I had been feeling those kind of changes which required adjustments, I frankly did not want to make. I felt like the person on the other side of the desk in that George Clooney movie where he flies around the country laying people off , while handing them a lay off package and saying " this could be your golden opportunity to do all those things you have always dreamed of doing.". Most people had the same reaction of me and missed how loosing ones job could be a source of opportunity. More often if feels like a kick in the teeth with no gold watch to follow. We feel like someone has just robbed us of something very special . I am one of the fortunate ones that has a second job , that has always been a kind of first job in my mind but not on the bottom line. The job walking out the door was the one my identity was tied the closest with.It was something I had done for part of a long career history and knew well. Or I though I knew well. Job hunting in a career field that had just been picked over by serious cutbacks and restructuring left work but work with caveats. A lot of caveats. It almost looked like a whole new career field. So sitting pondering "the field" ahead of me , and behind me in church one morning I was surprised to look up on the mutlit-media screen and see the words. Vocation is that something you step over every day on your way. Or something like that. It was like Someone was reading my mind. As the service carried on there was no bright light or great whoosh of wings but a quiet word rested gently with me. " You are in a time of harvest."
Harvest ! This is Harvest.! It did not feel like Harvest but apparently that was the attitude I was approach life with in this time. Count my blessings, open up my large basket I was carrying into a field  like some Ukrainian maiden in traditional dress standing in a prairie full of golden grain and gather it in. It was to be a time of gathering, and blessing from all that seed we had sewed. Wow. It had been a long time since I had felt God share with me so quietly and deeply. I knew I had not heard wrong. Yet how could this be.  Mary said the same thing, so I am in good company. Apparently it is about attitude. Walk and act like I am the most blessed person on the planet standing in a field of abundance. Now if you knew me, you would know I am not one of those prosperity gospel people and I do not run laying my hands on Mercedes and praying them in to my garage. Not that I haven't ever prayed for a car or a house or an impossible need and seen God supply in amazing ways . I just needed to open my eyes to the blessings and gifts around me and become abundantly Thankful. I was to approach the Universe as some people call their Higher Power or God or what ever name they choose to speak of the Creator but I was to do it standing in a wheat field ready for the picking and start filling my basket with harvest and thanksgiving. I shared this with a friend on the way home from work and we agreed that tonight we would sit down and make a list of everything God has blessed us with. So something like a bucket list only this is a Blessing List I will collect the harvest that is my life with joy and abundance.
Harvest.Home.Marriage, healthy children, job I love, access to good public transportation, ability to walk , talk , hear. Good health. Intelligence. Freedom to worship , Fresh air, beautiful scenery in the area I live, close proximity to good educational and recreational facilities, fresh water , good medical care , new hospital, clean clothes, a decent education that allows me to hold present job, opportunity to continue education at some point in time , people I like to work with, good supervisors, meaningful work not just a job.Kids with jobs and educational goals .so many blessings.   I am indeed in a field of Harvest.

Saturday, January 21, 2012