Monday, December 19, 2011

The Disabled God

Reading disability theology is something new for me . It brought me face to face with the disparity between what the gospel says and what we actually practice. Did I ever think about Jesus as a disabled person. His hands and feet leave us with questions we may not have asked ourselves before. Why did Christ choose to come from the tomb, with nail scar still present. He could have risen in perfect form. He chose not to. What does that say to us about our theology. After working with persons with disabilities for a very long time I am approaching these questions with an interior shift of realization. I have Missed the Mark on this and need a change of heart. The new disability theology paired with a reading in the early church, made me realize how far off the path I have gone. Why are all the good deeds for the poor done for the poor and disabled outside the church. Sunday morning church. If I think there is something that needs change in this area ,what am  I willing to do about it.