Sunday, June 27, 2010

Dedicated to the Women of the Warm Zone

This is a reflection of Luke 7 : 36-50 .

Dedicated to the Women of the Warm Zone

She came to Him
Heart in her hands
Her perfume, hair and tears
The only things she owned
That she could give away .

He knew her
Like no other man
Knew her
His eyes
Looked into her very Soul
Saw a little girl in her
Long before it had been ripped away
Stolen , Taken, Lost

Where Love was Pure
Still and Holy.

He loved her there
Totally , Completely, Fully
In the deepest core of her being.
He Loved Her.

She had never known
Love like that
Never known Love
Without Strings,
Simply Love

It broke her.
Its essence ,brought
Tears , hot ,torrential , heartsore
Poured across his feet like
Rain on a dusty street
Wiping away the dirt of the day

Her hair gently drying
Her lips , kissing the soles of His feet
For Love, Its perfume filling the room

The gentle healing warmth of his hand on her head
Lifting her face, To meet His eyes
His Touch, Eternal depths of Knowing Grace
Flowing Waters ,
Washing her soul clean

" Your sins are forgiven
Your faith has saved you,
Go in Peace."

She left in Peace
The murmur of mens voices
Left behind
The dark memories of men
Washed from her body

Your faith has saved you
Go in Peace

A New Day, A New Life
Go in Peace.

Lorna Tatomir June 25,2010