Tuesday, March 24, 2009

We have passed the half way spot of Lent. My reading for this Lenten season has been Jesus by the former Cardinal Ratzinger, The Prodigal Son on Nouwens reflections on the famous Rembrandt painting, and oh Joy of Bliss a Biology text book. Also enjoyed some some spiritual reading from the personal letters of Elizabeth Seton.

Now I have always since discovering her found somewhat drawn to Mother Seton. She comes like a friend in distress and hands me her most intimate letters and interior dilemmas . Being off work for a couple of days with the flu she was my bedside friend , a task she was more then expert at in fact it was her whole vocation. To say one has found Elizabeth Seton as a friend is a presumptuous thing to say but somehow it is more like she has befriended me.She is a Mother. It comes down to this. She is a Mother with a Mothers heart and reaches across the table like a neighbour just over for tea across the kitchen table and goes. Its okay I understand . Just keep praying. Which was good advice to her and I will try to follow.